Gary Kayye’s Favorite InfoComm Booth Tours — and His LinkedIn LIVE Show Floor Tour, Too!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE doing booth tours at trade shows. And, I try to do as many of them as possible at trade shows. I enjoy understanding the design and “flow” of the booth — and, a lot of manufacturers are now theming booths pretty creatively. But, MOST OF ALL, I love seeing all the products. I am, and will also ways be, a tech-nerd!

So, true to tech-nerd form, I bring you ALL the InfoComm 2019 Booth Tours:

The LG Booth Tour: This is the longest booth tour I’ve ever recorded. And, you’ll get to watch in unfold in real-time — no editing or cutting. This was all done pre-show hours in one take and it truly gives you a sense of exactly what LG was trying to convey with their new products. In fact, we took the tour in what, LG’s Garry Wicka, would imagine would be the natural flow of an attendee to experience the entire booth. And, this tour introduces you to 12 totally new products from LG:

The Epson Booth Tour: This is a two-parter — once in English and once in Spanish. Epson’s Gavin Downey takes us through all the new products from Epson — including the industry’s first, and only, native 4K 3LCD laser projector — as well as the two museum-line environments inside the Epson booth at InfoComm:



Oh, here’s something cool, too, that we did at InfoComm 2019 – this is a 64-megapixel 360-degree VR tour of the entire Epson booth — including over 15 embedded product videos, links to the product spec sheets and even an up-close look at their museum inside the booth! This is compatible, by the way, with ANY VR headset of a standard desktop or mobile browser. See it here.

The Leyard & Planar Booth Tour: Leyard and Planar had two, what I would call, groundbreaking products in their booth — one is a 0.7mm LED display that’s shipping! The other, well, you’ll have to watch it to see (or, should I say, see “through” it):

The Peerless-AV Booth Tour: The coolest thing I saw during the Peerless-AV Booth Tour was a motorized (on-wheels) display mount that allows you to have a touchscreen monitor mounted perpendicular to the floor and then tilt all the way — a full 90-degrees — to parallel to the floor, making it a touch table!

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The Casio Booth Tour: Did you know that Casio makes the projector that is on the International Space Station? And, it wasn’t custom-built — it was off-the-shelf. Well, I didn’t until I took this tour — oh, they also launched a native 4K LED-lit projector for under $8,000!

The Synnex Booth Tour: This Synnex tour actually features Poly, Microsoft and NEC’s analytics platform called ALP.

Speaking of NEC, here’s the NEC Booth Tour: NEC’s Keith Yanke took me on a booth tour that included a dozen new products but, integrated the NEC ALP analytics platform to manage the entire booth — by the end of the show, NEC not only knew how many people visited their booth but also how long they stayed, what they looked at and some basic demographics of the attendee. My favorite NEC product is still the InfinityBoard!

The Nureva Booth Tour: Nureva is one of those companies that just makes cool products. The Span-based Ideation Wall blows away any other ideation product on the market (and it’s laser projection-based) and the HDL 300 mic-array and speaker-bar (in-one) is the perfect UCC audio solution and simplification add-on.

The Absen Booth Tour: I’ve known Mitch Rosenberg of Absen a long, long time. But, I’ve never had so much fun with him — after starting and restarting this a half-dozen times, I decided, “Let’s just do this.” Why? Well, Mitch was trying to make me not be so serious and make me laugh — he succeeded. This was just pure fun — thanks, Mitch!

Here’s my LinkedIn LIVE show floor tour: This show floor tour was done in real-time on LinkedIn live — it’s lllllooooonnnnnngggg but people seem to love it — I hope you do, too. A special shout-out to Listen Technologies for letting me use the ListenTALK two-way tour guide system!

A bonus tour — my partner, Sara Abrons, took a quick tour of the Barco booth: