Gary Kayye’s 4K Keynote: The 1080p Video Stream Version – Worth 1.5 InfoComm CTS RU Credits, too!


In early 2016, rAVe founder, Gary Kayye, started delivering his most popular Keynote in the history of our company: 4K – No Myths, No Exaggerations, Just the Facts. Maybe it was simply a right place/right time kind of thing but, it has turned out to be the most popular keynote he’s ever done in the seven year history of the Almo E4 AV Tour. And when he delivered it at InfoComm, they were over 700 people in the room.

But what was more interesting was that we decided, on a whim, to stream it live on Facebook. Of course, Facebook doesn’t have the video quality that most AV’ers are used to but that didn’t seem to matter – thousands and thousands of people still watched it live or played the Facebook-hosted version.

But, last week while we were in Dallas, Texas for the final stop of the Almo E4 AV Tour, we decided to not only still live-stream it in 720p on Facebook but we also recorded a 1080p version of it – and now you can watch that version here.

Of course not even 1080p comes close to the quality of 4K – it’s literally one-fourth the resolution, so you won’t get the wow-factor that the live attendees had but, the content is still viable and if thousands of people are willing to watch it in 720p, we are hopeful that even more will watch it in 1080p.

And, if you are in need of some InfoComm CTS RU credits, this is your chance to get 1.5 hours worth – just take this 10-question test after watching Gary’s 4K Keynote video and we will submit your information to InfoComm so that you get your CTS credits!

Finally, please follow us on Facebook and on Twitter as we have planned to stream more video presentations that will earn you CTS RU Credits over the next year and we will use social media to announce them.