FX Luminaire Introduces Luxor Wireless Lighting Control

fx-luminaire-0114FX Luminaire has launched a new Wi-Fi based lighting system called Luxor. Controllable from a smartphone or tablet, Luxor is app-based and and can even manage zoning and dimming on-the-fly adjustments.

The Luxor Wi-Fi wireless lighting control system consists of three parts: a Wi-Fi Module that links Luxor ZD controllers to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets using the Luxor Wi-Fi App, the Light Assignment Module (LAM) which allows smartphone or tablet group assignment of every fixture attached to a Luxor ZD system, and a new indoor facepack mount that allows the Luxor ZD facepack to be remotely mounted inside a home or garage.

All three parts of the Luxor system are available starting in February. Here are all the details.