Futuristic Home Cinema

ekey new

Below is part of the first case study I wrote for Smartcomm back in August, and I was eager to show just how lovely the cinema room was, especially being a newbie. This was a great chance for me to learn about home cinema, screen ratios, speaker configurations (I could go on!)… but also an opportunity to see the result of our projects from beginning stages. This may be perhaps my favorite part of the job (nosing around buildings).

The copy is a little fluffy, but I’d love to hear what people think of the install.

ekey_newThe brief was for a highend, eight-seat cinema room that contains stunning video and audio reproduction. The room also had to look fantastic, a space they are proud to show to their friends. To help maintain a modern, minimalist feel, the client was keen that any equipment be subtly installed and unobtrusive. Smartcomm took this into account throughout the design and installation process and the end result is more than pleasing to the eye!

The impressive technology is apparent before you enter the room, with an Ekey Finger scanner halting your path. This clever compact device is equipped with a line sensor, so you swipe your finger rather than pressing and fingerprints are not left, eliminating the risk of misuse. Once entry has been granted, it’s simply a case of enabling the Crestron Intelligent Lighting system. As the array of spotlights come into light, the ceiling is illuminated with dozens of alternating Starlight fiber optics, providing a charming ambience to the family cinema.

kyricinema001_rt16_newThe master control for the room’s components sits in the TPMC-3X, a handheld WiFi Touchpanel from Crestron. The remote provides superb control for the cinema system, from automatically adjusting the screen’s aspect ratio to control of the accompanying sources including SKY HD and the Kaleidescape system, which allows storage for up to 300 DVDs with additional storage facilities for expansion. The Touchpanel’s WiFi performance achieves a remarkable 50 feet of indoor coverage with no line-of-sight required, and with a 2.8 active-matrixelectroluminescent touchscreen, it is the perfect addition to an already alluring setup.

kyricinema014_rt16_newSpeaking of alluring, the Screen Research 2:40:1 X-Mask 2™ curved cinema screen does not disappoint. The acoustically transparent 2.8 meter frame has been built with lateral masking, framing the screen with a cinematic black border that is flexible to a range of aspect ratios. Precision motors ensure greater accuracy for masking positions and can all be controlled by the Crestron interface, making movie viewing a breeze.

kyricinema017_rt16_newMovies are presented courtesy of a Digital Projection M-Vision projector that delivers a pristine high-definition picture. In keeping with the client’s request to maintain a clean interior, Smartcomm installed a mirror-kit projection system in the ceiling. When enabled, a discreet panel in the ceiling opens and the picture is reflected through electrically driven mirrors. As well as concealing it from view, the encapsulated projector is quietened, producing minimal audio from the machine itself and eliminating any distractions.

Helping to contribute to an excellent home cinema experience are the Triad InWall speakers.

kyricinema024_rt1_newGold /6 LCR, Silver /4 Surround and Silver /15 Sub speakers are the ideal trio to provide exceptional 7.2 surround sound for this home cinema. Their sleek unimposing style means they slot into the walls with minimum fuss, whilst sustaining the sophistication of the décor.

The room’s luxurious style does not end with state-of-the-art technology; comfortable seating is provided in the form of some beautiful bespoke chairs, specially designed and produced for the client by Fortress Seating. Featuring eight electric reclining home theater seats with a premium leather finish and alcantara center panels to match the walls, they are a sumptuous inclusion and the perfect finish to this lavish home cinema room.