Futuresource’s Audio Collaborative 2020 — The Accelerated Growth of Livestreaming

futuresource audio collaborative

Focusing on the positives during what has certainly been a challenging time to date, Audio Collaborative will offer a range of thought-provoking panels and presentations discussing the future of audio, outlining the many opportunities in this space.

Taking place 14:00-18:00 GMT on Nov. 4-5, the two-day exclusive event will promise to share industry insights and provide the opportunity to engage with global brands, all of which has been made possible with the support of Futuresource’s sponsors, including Title Sponsor Qualcomm, as well as Audinate, Sonarworks, Xperi, DSP Concepts, Flexound, Cambridge Audio and USound.

One of the panel sessions is titled “The Accelerated Growth of Live Streaming of Concerts, Theatre and User Generated Content in Lockdown,” presented by Futuresource Consulting’s Pro Audio Analyst James Kirby. Panelists include Katy Templeman-Holmes, director of market strategy at HARMAN; Meridith Rojas, global head, creator marketing at Logitech; and Jim Odom, founder and chief strategy officer at PreSonus.

The panel will primarily focus on the accelerated growth of livestreaming and how this will impact the live performance and touring segment, while boosting the home studio opportunity. See below for a breakdown of key questions to be explored:

  • What is behind the impressive growth of content creation and streaming seen over the past six months? In light of the pandemic, what different use cases have we seen emerge or form a significant amount of demand?
  • How does this growth of content and streaming specifically relate to the events market? To what extent has content become a supplement for canceled events?
  • What does the future hold for virtual events, and what will be the impact of increased content creation on the live event industry?
  • What are the implications for recording/streaming hardware and software emerging from the pandemic? (Not only from virtual events, but also generally more content creation). Can the user-generated content boom continue, and why? Does more user generated content continue to breed more content creation?
  • What products and applications are likely to see the most positivity long-term, and what technology innovations/trends can we expect to see pushing the market forwards beyond the pandemic?

Need to revisit the topics covered, or happened to miss any of the sessions on either day? As part of your ticket, all presentations and panels will become available as on demand content shortly after the event.

If you’re interested in attending or reviewing the agenda, go here: https://www.futuresource-consulting.com/events-conferences/audio-collaborative-2020.