Futuresource Q1 Projector Sales Tracking Report Released (Infographic)

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Global Projector MarketThe global projector market came in at 1.76 million units in calendar year Q1 2013, a year-on-year decline of 7.5 percent on the same period in 2012, according to the latest market tracker research fromFuturesource Consulting.

Futuresource Global Roundup

The largest declines are seen in standard definition mainstream products (1000 – 3999 Lumens) as demand shows signs of retraction in key western territories. Growth markets like Russia and India that had driven volumes in CY Q1 2012 experienced a difficult quarter as funding for education and public sector projects were suspended. Globally, volumes of mainstream SVGA projectors fell 13.2 percent while mainstream XGA volumes declined 16.7 percent YoY. Widescreen resolutions continued to take a share of the mainstream segments, B2B WXGA volumes grew 7.7 percent YoY while volumes ofB2B 1080p product grew 74.7 percent with favorable pricing expected to increase demand for these products during the rest of the year.

2013 is set to be a difficult year of trading in the US projector market which peaked in 2010, CY Q1 2013 returned a YoY decline of 5.6 percent on the same period in 2012 with reports that the education market is the vertical most visibly affected as district level education spend is expected to continue its decline this year (and available budgets are tending to be used on one-to-one computing projects, with iPad deployments continuing to develop rapidly in US schools). The Chinese market, forecast to continue its strong trend of growth in 2013 started the year only 2.4 percent up on CY Q1 2012 with reports some education business had been impeded after the change of leadership in the Communist party at the end of 2012.

Installation and Large Venue Segment

While mainstream volumes suffer, the installation and large venue segment (4000+ Lumens) continues to return good business, global volumes increasing 9.8 percent YoY to reach 146K units according to the Futuresource tracker. As a number of vendors continue to target the installation business, price competition is helping to drive increased adoption of widescreen formats in the 4000 – 6999 lumen market, widescreen resolutions accounted for 43 percent of total sales in the segment, up from 36 percent in CY Q1 2012.

Home Cinema

The dedicated home cinema market, which typically experiences a slow post-Christmas CY Q1, remained relatively consistent in the period, volumes increasing less than 2 percent YoY, 720P and WXGA models retain their price position in the market maintaining a 33 percent share. As global volumes of dedicated home cinema volumes remain stagnant, vendors show increased innovation in the sector with new products including LG’s Hecto Laser TV coming to market in CY Q1 2013.

Ultra Mobile

In the Ultra Mobile segment (sub 2KG projectors) LED models continue to fuel the market, taking share from lamp based models. The global ultra-mobile market grew 26.7 percent YoY in CY Q1, LED volumes increasing 31.4 percent. As the brightness of LED models increases, the B2B applications for these products increase also providing new markets for LED projectors in the road warrior and small meeting room sectors, taking share from lamp based models. A host of new models in this segment due this year are expected to continue this trend including the ML1000 from Optoma and Qumi Q7 from Vivitek.

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