The Future of Display Industry Trends- Survey Results

Recently, Display Central asked its readers their thoughts on some of the trends in professional and consumer display-based products. A survey was sent out containing ten questions; the original questions and answers along with comments can be found here. Many of the questions focus on display-based technology five years in the future and how respondents think the AV industry will react to the changing display technology.

Some of the questions asked, produced mixed responses, including a question on the future of digital signage and advertising. The question refers to the movie Minority Report and the pop up of personal ads for Tom Curise’s character in a shopping district. Fifty-two percent of respondents said this technology will be used in public venus five years in the future while 42 percent disagreed. Respondents were also split on the future of 3D and glasses-free technology; 46 percent said the top TV brands will offer glasses-free TVs while 52 percent said glasses-free technology will not exist within the next five years. Also, respondents were split down the middle when asked whether the display industry will develop new metrics that will better describe the visual performance of the display; 50 percent said yes, the industry will step up with new definitions and 49 percent said no, we will essentially be using the same display spec terms.

When asked what the highest lumen output will be in five years for laser phosphor-based projectors, majority of respondents said the lumen output will top out at 20,000 lumens, followed by 35,000 lumens or higher and 15,000 lumens came in a close third. Comments were left by respondents regarding every question asked, many of which are interesting and worth a look.

The display industry is rapidly evolving and will only continue to do so more quickly, and if you didn’t see or participate in this survey, you should take a few minutes to check out the results. We also created an infographic for the entire survey. The infographic illustrates each question along with the answers, it is below and can also be found here.