Future Automation’s Ceiling Hinge Range Can Conceal Large Flat Screens in Ceilings

future_automation_ch_product_open-0916Future Automation has a new ceiling hinge mechanism which allows a flat screen TV to be concealed horizontally within a ceiling and hinged down through 100 degrees for viewing. Future Automation says the Ceiling Hinge Range is the most elaborate on the market with options that include additional telescopic drop, swivel or a combination of the two. Outside and indoor versions are available as well as custom designed sizes for screens up to 90”.

Ideal for when there is limited ceiling void space, the Ceiling Hinge range allows large screens to be concealed unobtrusively within relatively small ceiling areas. It offers a great space saving option for when vertical wall space is not available such as yachts, apartments or luxurious properties where glass opens to luxurious views.

Them mechanisms meet all residential and commercial ceiling mounting requirements with style, functionality and elegance. The silent motor system and smooth action mean that even the largest screens can float down into a room for viewing, before rising seamlessly when not required.

The Ceiling Hinge is a compact solution with full cable management and IR, RS232 and contact closure control as standard features. It features an easy to install mount interface (VESA Standard plus range of mount options for non-VESA compliant screens). With a load capacity of over 110 pounds in standard model, the Ceiling Hinge has a modular format and comes in a wide range of standard sizes and can be customized to suit numerous options.

You can see them here.