Fusion Ships HD Wireless Audio Distribution System

ovation-signature-0714Fusion Research has started shipping three new products that make up its Ovation Wireless Audio Distribution System. The new products include a Base Station that acts as the server and two new players, one amplified and one passive.

The Base Station (FR-OBS) is hard wired onto a network and includes one analog source. The players both incorporate the Burr-Brown DAC that is used on the Signature model, which ensures 24/96 HD track compatibility as well as 192kHz/24-bit output. The FR-OWP2 is passive and its output requires amplification, while the FR-WA50 has a powerful 50Wx2 amp built in that can drive the quality in-wall/ceiling speakers that integrators are putting in.

Up to 16 players may be added to a system and simply sit on a standard Wi-Fi network. They are all individual sources but may be combined in a ‘Party Mode’ to play the same music throughout the project. They also seamlessly fit into most major home automation systems with two-way drivers available from RTI, Elan g!, Savant, Control4, AMX, Crestron and soon a new driver for URC.

All the specs are here.