Full-motion helicopter simulator featuring Barco F35 projectors receives EASA FFS Level D certification

Kortrijk, Belgium, 8 March 2017 – TRU Simulation + Training Inc., a Textron Inc. company, announced it has received EASA Level D certification for its new Bell Helicopter 429 full flight simulator (FFS). Developed specifically for Bell Helicopter, TRU’s latest FFS includes 11 Barco F35 projectors, integrated by RSI Visual Systems. The Barco projection solution greatly enhances the authenticity of the simulated training experience – which is a must to receive the FFS Level D certification. The new flight simulator is housed at the new Bell Helicopter Training Academy (BTA) – Valencia, Powered by TRU Simulation + Training.

TRU’s FFS for the Bell Helicopter 429 will bring true-to-life training closer to home for customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The first phase of the academy project will feature a new full flight simulator based on TRU’s new ODYSSEY™ H platform, to support pilot training on the Bell 429 helicopter model.

Excellence in realism

The new flight simulator perfectly replicates the Bell 429 cockpit. To provide pilots with an extremely realistic view, TRU called in the help of visual systems integrator RSI Visual Systems of Coppell, Texas. RSI provided 11 Barco F35 WQXGA projectors along with its renowned XT IG, with real time 3D ocean capability and active coast line specifically developed for this simulator. Ten projectors generate a 240 x 80-degree field of view, with the eleventh providing a dedicated chin window.

RSI’s Ralph Baker, European Sales Manager: “Barco’s F35 projectors are a perfect choice for this installation, which requires high uptime, reliability and proven performance. The F35 WQXGA offers double the amount of megapixels compared to standard WUXGA models and the color performance is fantastic – two aspects that greatly add to the unrivalled realism that we want our visual systems to deliver.”

Learning to fly confidently before climbing into the cockpit
This FFS is the first-ever certified Level D simulator to EASA standards available for pilot training on the Bell 429 helicopter platform. Simulators that qualify for the Level D certification have to meet a set of demanding criteria, including a motion platform that produces accelerations in all of the six degrees of freedom that a body can experience, an outside-world field of view of at least 150 degrees (TRU’s FFS provides a 240-degree field of view!) with a distant-focus display, realistic cockpit sounds and diverse special motion and visual effects.

“The visual effects of the simulator, combined with its full-motion capability and excellent sound quality, will provide pilots with the ultra-realistic training experiences they need to fly safely and confidently, even before they climb into the cockpit,” said David Smith, Vice President of TRU’s Training Centers.