Fulcrum Acoustic Releases New Coverage Pattern for AH Series of High Output Coaxial Horns

fulcrum acoustic ah series

Fulcrum Acoustic has released a new coverage pattern for their AH series of High Output Coaxial Horns. The AH66 is a bi-amplified two-way, high sensitivity, arrayable coaxial horn loudspeaker that provides a precise 60° x 60° pattern with control to below 400 hertz, low frequency extension to 75 Hz, and extremely high output with modest amplifier power.

The unique Compression Head horn architecture of the AH series provides exceptional low frequency loading to its twin 10 inch low frequency compression drivers, while a pair of Oculus phase plugs extends the 10s’ high frequency response to smoothly mesh with a 4 inch diaphragm high frequency compression driver. The AH66’s unique 60° compact trapezoidal shape allows it to be mounted very close to ceilings with minimal effect on sight lines.