Fulcrum Acoustic Brings Pristine Portable Sound to Christian College Geelong

Geelong, Victoria, Australia – March 2017… Christian College is a primary-to-grade 12 independent school located over five campuses in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. The school’s Major Events team is responsible for the setup and operation of audio, visual and lighting for events as diverse as band performances at school and local venues, musical theatre productions, débutante balls, art shows and assemblies. When it came time for the school to invest in their own sound system, the Major Events team turned to Fulcrum Acoustic.


Christian College required a versatile, portable audio system capable of delivering high output and pristine clarity for their varied applications through compact enclosures easy for students and staff to handle and set up.


“Based on their familiarity with FA Portable systems I’d provided them over the past few years, Fulcrum became the logical choice for the school’s portable PA,” explains audio producer and Fulcrum Australian distribution representative Simon Stavenuiter. “The five FA28ac self-powered dual 8-inch coaxial loudspeakers they purchased can be deployed as mains, as in the case of their assemblies and services, and can also be used as stage monitors for larger venues outside the school such as Deakin University’s Costa Hall, which is also home to an in-house Fulcrum subwoofer cardioid array.”

“The Fulcrum FA28ac loudspeakers’ sound quality and evenness provides incredibly consistent intelligibility for our entire audience,” observes Major Events’ Technical Director Ben Anderson. “Their compact, light-weight enclosures make for easy handling and an aesthetically pleasing setup. But don’t let their size fool you – they still have plenty of power without becoming ‘harsh’ at higher output levels.”

Anderson concludes, “Most importantly, we want to invest in equipment we know we can rely on, and that will keep doing its job for many years to come. With Fulcrum, we are getting a high-quality, U.S.-made product with unique acoustical advantages over traditional portable systems, and the flexibility to serve all our needs.”