Fulcrum Acoustic Releases AHS Series of Modular Array Loudspeakers

Fulcrum Acoustic AHS Series

Fulcrum Acoustic has released the AHS Series, a modular, scalable system targeted at applications where very high output and precise pattern control are required. 

The AHS440 (45° horizontal beamwidth) utilizes four high-frequency horns, each paired with a coaxial compression driver. The AHS460 (60° horizontal beamwidth) uses three high-frequency horns. Both models incorporate four high-power 10-inch woofers loaded by Oculus phase plugs. The Compression Head extends the low-frequency horn length, allowing for low-frequency extension to 60 Hz in a modest 28 inches of depth. Frontal dimensions are a compact 36 inches wide x 31 inches tall.

Fulcrum Acoustic’s TQ Processing combined with beamforming DSP algorithms configures AHS vertical dispersion to match a venue’s specific geometries and throw distances. Multiple high-frequency horns provide the output necessary to combat high-frequency air loss. AHS modules are designed to be stacked as needed to increase projection and control.