New Fujinon Lens with 55x Zoom is Designed for Large Venues

fujinon-0913FUJIFILM’s latest lens is the XA55x9.5 HDTV Telephoto box-style lens, which is designed for large venues that require tight shots from long distances. Like the company’s XA50x9.5, this lens is available with a built-in lens support bracket for mounting on an ENG-style camera. Removing the need for additional camera lens support increases the cost efficiency of this lens.

With built-in optical image stabilization, Fujinon thinks the XA55x9.5 will hit the sweet spot in Fujinon’s complete line of 2/3” studio/field lenses — it has a focal length from 9.5 to 525 millimeters (or 19.0 to 1050-mm with a 2x extender) and its 16-bit encoder outputs zoom, focus position and other lens data, allowing it to combine CGI with live images.

The lens also provides practical features including proprietary Digital Quick Zoom and a detachable DigiPower servo drive for remote control of zoom, focus and iris with 130-bit accuracy.

Full specs on the lens are here.