Fugo Releases TV Dashboards Cloud Software for Displaying Business Intelligence Data

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Digital signage software provider Fugo announces today the release of TV Dashboards – a new feature of their cloud software that enables dashboards from almost any business intelligence platform to be securely displayed on digital signage screens.

BI Dashboards have become an increasingly integral tool used by businesses across many industries to motivate sales teams, drive customer service levels, and improve workplace efficiency and productivity, as just a few examples. But despite the explosion of self-service analytics tools, organizations still feel behind the curve when it comes to using their data efficiently.

“BI dashboards are hard to share,” says Fugo co-founder and CEO Camilla Chesham. “They have expensive license restrictions with limited user seats and are locked away behind security walls with annoying, but essential, logins. In fact, security concerns alone are enough to cause most companies to get put off sharing their dashboards via the usual email or URL channels altogether. A great way to overcome these issues and reap a whole host of additional benefits is to display your dashboards on your office screens. But we quickly discovered that this is easier said than done.”

Fugo CTO Zuka Kakabadze explains the challenges behind secure TV dashboards, “The existing solutions that launch dashboards from a browser just don’t scale and suffer from two major problems: inconsistent playback due to the computing power needed to stream data-intensive dashboards and unsecured methods of accessing dashboards that expose your security credentials to screen devices.”

Fugo takes an entirely different approach with its product: integrating with a host of business intelligence tools like Tableau, Looker, and Power BI, Fugo does not expose users’ login credentials to screen devices and players. Instead, it accesses them from a fully secure and isolated cloud environment and captures snapshots of dashboards to display on screen in near real-time.

Additional features inside Fugo allow users to go beyond just simply displaying a loop of single dashboards. The TV Dashboards feature itself employs a screen-capturing tool for users to select certain portions of their dashboards to highlight on their displays. A flexible content design studio allows users to pull data from multiple sources and dashboards by splitting up their screen. Users can also create an embedded channel for their teams to view dashboards in other tools like Notion, Slack, or on internal websites.

“This has been our most requested feature by far, and we dug really deep to find the best possible solution to this problem,” Chesham says. “The result is TV dashboards that are reliable, stable, and secure. It’s our hope that businesses will find that Fugo allows them to scale out and kind of democratize their data so that it becomes the organizational resource it was intended to be.”