Fugo Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Ecosystem

Fugo Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage

For organizations seeking to deepen the connection between employees, Fugo is a cloud-based digital signage platform for turning TV screens into powerful, secure, and reliable communicators of your message with ChromeOS-powered devices. 

London, September 14, 2023—Fugo, a cloud-based digital signage platform, is proud to announce its membership in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. This strategic collaboration empowers organizations to enhance their employee and customer engagement through secure and reliable communication on ChromeOS-powered devices.

Fugo simplifies digital signage management with an array of features, including the Fugo Design Studio—a user-friendly visual editor offering drag-and-drop simplicity for adding live, dynamic apps and content to screen layouts. 

Other key offerings include free customizable screen layout templates, secure TV dashboard connections to internal systems, screen mirroring for dynamic presentations, seamless business intelligence integrations, kiosk mode for locked-down usage, and universal ChromeOS support across various hardware.

Zuka Kakadze, Founder & CTO of Fugo, commented, “We’re honored to be part of Google’s innovation-driven ecosystem. Fugo’s battle-tested compatibility with ChromeOS devices and integration with Google’s toolkit help businesses explore fresh ways of engaging employees through TVs. Whether sharing crucial company data on screens or designing interactive kiosks to enrich internal communication strategies, we want to make work simpler and more engaging while embracing the innovation that Google is known for.”

One success story highlighting the potential of this partnership is Nordward, a shared customer that has leveraged both platforms to build a more connected workforce. Learn about their journey in the Fugo Customer Story: How Nordward Drove Data Adoption Among Their Deskless & Office-Bound Workforce.

Kim Lasseter, Global Director of the Partner Advantage Program at Google Cloud, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to welcome Fugo to the Google Cloud Partner Advantage ecosystem. By bringing its platform to Google Cloud’s infrastructure, Fugo’s customers will have access to new, innovative cloud solutions to help businesses manage their content and screen devices.”

For inquiries about deploying digital signage with ChromeOS devices and Fugo, please contact the Fugo team at hello@fugo.ai or visit www.fugo.ai to learn more.

About Fugo

Fugo is a cloud-based content management platform that empowers users to transform any TV screen into smart digital signage. With features such as TV dashboards, live social feeds, interactive media, and business app integrations, Fugo simplifies content design, publication, scheduling, and monitoring in one user-friendly tool. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, Fugo offers a single platform for managing networks, regardless of geographic location.