FSR Takes Aim at Infrastructure Solutions With New InfoComm Launches

t6-flex-blk-0516FSR will be introducing its Revolution Table Solutions at InfoComm 2016, a series that supports the integration of AV, IT and power all in the same box. The addition of the Revolution line enables FSR to offer square, round, rectangular and table edge box options that feature retractors, USB charging, AC, AV, touch panel control and more. In addition, FSR will debut several floor and wall box solutions, including its new OFL-P4G-S Outdoor Floor Box, OWB-500P Outdoor Wall Box and PWB-450 Project Wall Box, all to be displayed in Booth C7730.

The Revolution Table Solutions line features both square and rectangular options to complement FSR’s well-known and popular T6 Table Box family. There are five versions available that can use FSR’s existing T6 Table Box insert brackets and the company’s full line of TBRT cable retractors. The various internal brackets available are designed to contain AC, USB chargers, cable pulls, TBRT cable retractors, snap-in keystone connectors or FSR’s Intelligent Plate Solutions (IPS). Available in a black powder-coat finish, the RT6 table boxes are ETL Listed and expressly designed to match any décor.

fsr2-0516Options include the RT6-S3 Table Box, a square box with spacing for any three brackets mounted vertically to suit individual applications, and the RT6-S4 Table Box, a rectangular box with spacing for any four brackets mounted vertically. Both can hold up to 8 TBRT cable retractors and still have space for AC and USB chargers as well. The RT6-R2 Table Box is rectangular with spacing for any two brackets mounted horizontally, or it can be configured to hold four or eight TBRT cable retractors. The RT6-RD4 Table Box, also rectangular, incorporates spacing for any two brackets mounted horizontally on opposite sides of the box providing two brackets per side with individual covers for each side, or it can be designed to hold up to four TBRT cable retractors (two on each side) and still have space for AC and USB chargers as well.

The RT6-CL2 is a table edge version of the RT6-R2 table box. It incorporates a tool-less quick use clamp means of attachment to any table or counter edge with thicknesses ranging from ½” to 1-5/8″.  The front portion is vertical, with all of the other parts of the box, cabling, and retractors mounting below the table/counter surface with spacing for any two brackets mounted vertically next to each other.  It can also hold four TBRT cable retractors with space for AC and USB chargers.

owbopen-0516In addition, the company is also launching its new T6-LB-AC2xx series inserts that can be used in both the T6 and the RT6 Series boxes that have three AC connections, or two AC and two USB chargers (12 watts each), or one AC and four USB Chargers (two each 10 watts and two each 5 watts). The T6-RHLB-4MOM bracket provides 4 lit momentary switches so these boxes can be used to activate control systems or can be integrated with FSR’s HuddleVU line of collaboration solutions.

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FLO-4G Outdoor Floor Box, also a new addition, is a four-gang floor box that can be used in wet, outdoor situations. It features an all stainless and aluminum design that is able to remain in service for decades. The box can be used rain or shine and meets the UL in-use weatherproof testing. The top cover is adjustable in height after the box is installed to allow for settling and refinishing of the grade surface and supports 2,500+ pounds for areas with motorized carts and light vehicle traffic such as theme parks or hotel resorts. The box bottom has an integrated 1.5” drain connection and dual large water-tight internal wireways.

The company’s new OWB-500P is an outdoor wall box that features locking doors in standard white, but is also available with other colors and decorative options upon request. These stylish covers have “flip up” cable entry doors so that the main cover door can be locked once the cables are connected. Based on the FL-500P-8 floor box the OWB-500P Outdoor Wall Box is 8 inches deep and the internal brackets can be arranged to provide numerous options for both high and low voltage standard gang openings, making it the most flexible and easiest-to-install wall box available. Removable center dividers make passing cables through the various compartments a snap. The enclosures are constructed in NEMA-4 style and with the integral door, will meet the NEMA-3 and 3R ratings providing protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet and snow.

The PWB-450 Project Wall Box is the largest of FSR’s PWB series, featuring two optional mounting brackets that are available for mounting the Crestron DM-RMC-4K-SCALER-C receiver/room controller or other digital media interfaces and devices. The PWB-450mounts in a typical 4″ deep wall between the studs in a standard 16” stud bay. It provides connectivity, internal device mounting and power in a secure and invisible manner. The cover is flush to the wall allowing the display to be mounted as close as its mount will allow. The cover is ventilated top and bottom to provide convection cooling as well as a cable exit slot to pass cables from the box to the display.

Inside the PWB-450 are four pre-wired AC outlets along one vertical side of the box which are isolated from the four accessory plate mounting brackets to allow AC and low-voltage connections within the same box. There is a ½” – ¾” concentric KO on the top and bottom of the box for the AC conduit connections. 1-inch KOs in the divider plates allow the use of one or more accessory plates for AC connections. The PWB-FR-450 is the fire rated version of the PWB-450 that will be available as well.

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