FSR Launches Variable-Speed Temperature-Controlled Fan for Its Wall Boxes

fsr 1FSR has announced the launch of its PWB-320-FAN, a variable speed, temperature-controlled fan option for its PWB-320and PWB-320XL wall box series. The option adds a supplemental level of protection for the gear installed in the versatile wall boxes by keeping it cool while in the wall. In addition to connectivity wall, floor, table and ceiling boxes, FSR manufactures a full line of audio and video switchers, control products and collaboration systems from its headquarters in Woodland Park, New Jersey.

The variable speed PWB-320-FAN is thermostat controlled. As the heat inside the wall box rises, so will the speed of the fan, keeping equipment inside at a safe temperature. It’s designed to run at a minimum speed up to 300 C, increasing linearly to full speed at 400 C, maintaining an internal box temperature below 40° Celsius with a 100-watt thermal load and thermal transport of 340 BTU/Hr with a 100-C temperature rise. Whisper quiet, the fan produces a 24dBA SPL at an 80-watt heat load.

The PWB-320 and PWB-320XL, units in FSR’s Project Wall Box family, are large open wall boxes are designed to fit 16” on center stud bays and simplifying audiovisual and IT installations by providing space for routing cables, AC connections and digital media products mounted in three-to-four-inch thick walls. The boxes are available in sizes to fit typical wall designs and can be used with or without the decorative trim ring and cover options.