Top-10 Tour Feature #3: FSR HDMI Ribbon Cables (Booth 2259)


Over this week, we’ll be previewing all the rAVe Top-10 Tour Winners. Each product highlighted, will be on rAVe’s 2nd Annual Top-10 Tour at InfoComm. The rAVe Top-10 Tour is NOT a “pay for play” tour or product preview (like MOST AV publications do). These 10 products were selected from over 70 submissions from InfoComm 2013 exhibitors. Of those 70, these are the 10 we thought you NEED to see at the show – and if you’re not able to go to InfoComm, the products featured here will give you a good overview of what you missed:

FSR says its HDMI Ribbon Cables use a proprietary technology to allow high speed, high definition HDMI signal transmission over distances of up to 325 feet. Active circuitry embedded in the connector shells provide all the active signal buffering needed, and eliminate additional bulky electronics.

The cables hybrid fiber/copper structure delivers a speed of 10.2 Gb/sec video bandwidth and can easily handle 1080p Full HD, 4Kx2K, 3D, Deep color, HDMI-CEC, HDCP and most newer hi-res formats. The small ribbon shaped jacket is 5 millimeters by 2.5 millimeters and are available currently in six lengths, ranging from 50 to 325 feet. The cables are UL listed, plenum rated and provide optical performance at the price and simplicity of copper.

With optical-to-electronic conversion hidden inside the connectors, this cable uses the same standard HDMI ports as copper cables. The cables require no bulky external power connectors or extenders, instead drawing power entirely from the HDMI port without exceeding HDMI maximum power output standards.

Key HDMI Ribbon Cable features include:

  • HDMI signals can be sent up to 325’ via a thin, ribbon-like wire.
  • It’s cost competitive to FSR’s traditional HDMI wire.
  • The signal integrity is maintained via amplification built into the HDMI connector.
  • It offers multi-format compatibility with all HDMI signal versions.
  • No external power or special tooling is required.