FSR Introduces Flex Control Builder Software

fsr-controlbuilder-0115FSR has introduced its Flex Control Builder (FCB),  a new software application used to configure FLEX-LT control system panels.

The company’s popular FLEX-LT is a wall or table box mounted control system intended for use in classrooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls, conference rooms, boardrooms and more. The FCB allows users an easy way to configure the FLEX-LT control system panels (there are several different panel models). With a host of new features, the FCB is backwards compatible with legacy projects and has the ability to create custom graphics for screens and buttons. The new FCB offers users the freedom of button and text position and size and offers the ability to create custom text.

Providing users with complete project view at-a-glance, FSR’s new FCB also offers dialer support with visual feedback, built-in project diagnostic and resource monitoring, multiple bar graph support and now allows easy copy and pasting of screen features from existing projects. With one click, users can receive updates to FCB and library files from the FSR Website. In addition, FCBs add support for IR pass through with Flex firmware version 2.11 or higher.

Here are all the details.