Four Points Technology Teams Up with Barco to Help VA Physicians Tackle COVID-19

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Atlanta – 25 June 2020: Barco Inc. and Four Points Technology, selected by the Department of Veterans Affairs, to produce and deliver home read solutions to 400 VA facilities as physicians continue their fight against Covid-19.


Four Points Technology is an established, reputable name for delivering IT and clinical solutions to Government customers.Barco, recognized as the leader in Medical Imaging Diagnostic Displaysfor well over decades, teamed with Four Points.Together, they designed and configured a seamlessly deployable home reading solution to the VA that mirrors their hospital reading environment, which was a key requirement.


“Four Points is pleased to provide the VA with the leading Medical Imaging solutions necessary to continue their critical mission, regardless of what impacts the Covid-19 has on workplace and social distancing necessities. Our hospitals must provide excellent care to their patients without delay, and this solution provides the same quality capability they would have in their hospital settings.  As a small business focused exclusively in serving our government customers, we’repleased to work with Barco to solve this critical requirement,” stated David Gilchrist, Chief Executive Officer at Four Points Technology.


From hospital to home

Per the VA’s request, Four Points and Barco wereto provide multiple home read solutions to 400 of their medical centers and home reading offices.The requirement was togive physicians a solution that allowed them to work from home as the Covid-19continues to fluctuatethroughout North America. This is a situation that extends beyond the VA, with many medical workers looking for alternative ways to continue performing quality clinical interpretation from a remote setting.


By combining Barco’s home read solution with Four Points’ VA knowledge and expertise, the partners will enableVA physicians to workremotely with the same diagnostic confidence and medical compliance maintainedwithin hospital walls.The team recognized and designed the solution to ensure all VA regulatory and security standards were met, regardless of delivery location.


“This is a true summation of the benefits and possibilities that arise from a great partnership. By teaming up with Four Points and blending their medical expertise with Barco’s 6MP Fusion display, we’re confident VA physicians will be able to embrace remote reading with ease. Our ability to technically reproduce the Hospital Reading Room at home, and deploying these systems within 30 days, makes it possible for VA physicians to deliver the highest level of patient care to our Veterans in the shortest and safest amount of time.  Barco is honored to help VA clinics across the nation, and ultimately, contribute to the betterment of our communities.” – Mike Sklar, VP Healthcare Sales for the Americas at Barco Inc.


With Barco, the VA receives a solution standardized around the 6MP DisplaySystemsthey use in their various facilities. It’s paired with Barco’s QAWeb Calibration and Monitoring Software, which is the industry’s first and only web-based service for high-grade Quality Assurance. Thesetwo products combine to create an ideal solution for physicians to reduce the risk of Covid-19 in a safe setting while maintaining, if not improving, the efficiency they have at their clinics.


Time is of the essence

After the partners were awarded the two contracts, Barco had to fulfill almost 500 product orders for the 400 different VA facilities on an expedited schedule. What’s more, the remote reading solutions will be distributed across 87 different ground points within the specified timeframe. Given Barco’s manufacturing and logistical expertise, the 6MP Display Systems and online services will be landing at the various sites within days. This will allow the VA to continue improving patient and physician safety during, and after the Covid-19 pandemic.