Found My Wearable!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I am fascinated by wearables. And it has been a struggle for me to determine what I want in a wearable so that I get the best ROI out of the device.

I have finally narrowed down what I do not need in a wearable: to answer a phone call. That is why voicemail exists. If I am unable to take a call, I’ll check voicemail or call records and will return the call when I am able to. I also do not need to check email, texts, or apps on a tiny interface. I am used to the screen size of my iPhone 6 Plus, so I simply cannot go to back to a smaller screen.

What I do want out of a wearable is GPS capabilities while I am performing athletic activities so that I do not need to have my phone on my person. Once I realized this, I found my favorite wearable.


My new wearable is the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio. With this watch I am able to track my distance when running, cycling, or swimming. The TomTom also allows me to track my heart rate, so I am able to track my progress and make sure that I am exercising safely. The TomTom interacts with many fitness apps that I already use, so tracking my progress in addition to caloric intake is super easy. The TomTom does not track steps, but that is why I keep my FitBit Charge around.

I am happy that I found a wearable that fits my needs. I am open to other wearable suggestions if you have them!