An April Fool’s Post: Forget Nest, Google Acquires AMC

GoogleIn a true move of AV/IT convergence, Google has acquired AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc for $8.6 Billion Dollars.

Google has been matching Apple point for point with their mobile OS Android, the Google Play Store, ChromeCast, Nest and Google Nexus tablets.

It seems they are now trying to round out the content and media creation ends of their business beyond the user generated content of YouTube to match the successes of Apple in these areas with iTunes and Podcasts.

I wanted to be the first to get this up on rAVe so please excuse my brevity.  I have downplayed Google’s recent acquisitions of Nest and Motorola in the past, however this one has me reeling.  The news is huge and I will share my impressions shortly once I can consider all the implications.

For now, see the article in BusinessWeak here.

Note: April Fool’s Day is today and this was obviously a spoof. More than a few thought there may actually be some merit to this article and to the associated fake article I posted on “BusinessWeak”. I didn’t realize there would be as much acceptance or appeal to this idea. Hmmm, sounds like another blog is brewing based on that…