FOLLOW UP to “NOT OKAY” – Facebook Fights Back

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This is my YAY FACEBOOK! face:
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So, since I wrote that article about employers asking job seekers for Facebook passwords earlier this week, there’s been a FOLLOW UP.

By the way, thank you all SO much for getting the discussion going. It spawned a lot of comments and even an episode of a podcast. Clearly you guys have opinions about this issue. The debate got heated, but I’m so proud you kept the discussion intelligent and insightful – even if we don’t all agree.

However, I was SUPER pumped to see that there’s been a response… FROM FACEBOOK about the issue.

Mashable reported this morning that Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan stated that requesting someone else’s password (or for access to someone else’s account) is a DIRECT VIOLATION of Facebook’s terms of use and privacy policy.


Win one for the privacy!

What do you think of Facebook’s response? Is that enough? Do you think the issue is done and over with? Is this something we’re going to have a long battle with? Post your thoughts below.