Focusrite Launches Scarlett 4th Gen Range of Audio Interfaces


Focusrite just announced the launch of Scarlett 4th Gen. The new range features the Solo, 2i2, 4i4, Solo Studio and 2i2 Studio. Focusrite says these offer greater audio specifications, enhanced creative capabilities and more ease of use. Focusrite also claims the new Scarlett range boasts better specs than any previous generation of Scarlett. Key features include Auto Gain, Clip Safe and a re-engineered Air mode.

Scarlett 4th Gen delivers professional studio quality with these new features:

  • 120dB dynamic range, using converters from the flagship RedNet range found in studios around the world.
  • Remote-controlled preamps with 69dB of gain for “great sound” from any mic.
  • Re-engineered Air mode with Presence, and Harmonic Drive.
  • Auto Gain automatically sets the recording level.
  • Clip Safe monitors recording levels and automatically adjusts the gain to prevent clipping.
  • New custom-designed headphone amp for the “best playback ever heard from Scarlett.”
  • Redesigned Dynamic Gain Halos with output metering, modernizing the iconic Scarlett Gain Halos.
  • Redesigned headphones for Focusrite’s Studio packs, with flatter frequency response and greater comfort.
  • Refreshed Easy Start tool, making it easier to get set up and record in minutes.

Focusrite says the Scarlett Solo is ideal for singer-songwriters. With one mic preamp, one Hi-Z instrument/line input and a brand-new custom-designed headphone amp, Solo provides audio quality in a compact design for home studios and on-the-go recording. Solo also features the re-engineered Air mode with Presence and all-new Harmonic Drive for vocals and acoustic instruments.

The Scarlett 2i2 offers two remote-controlled mic preamps and two Hi-Z instrument/line inputs for guitars, keys and groove boxes. The iconic 2-in/2-out interface delivers professional studio quality in a portable package. With powerful new features like Clip Safe, Auto Gain and Air mode, the 2i2 empowers artists to make “release-ready recordings anywhere.”

The Scarlett 4i4 provides two remote-controlled mic preamps, switchable line or Hi-Z instrument inputs, two fixed line inputs and four balanced outputs for the flexibility to record mics, guitars, synths and more. MIDI I/O makes it easy to bring in synths and groove boxes to sync with recording sessions. The 4i4 brings “professional studio quality” within reach for home musicians who want to connect more of their gear at once. 4i4 also includes new features like Clip Safe, Auto Gain and the re-engineered Air mode.

Focusrite claims the Scarlett Solo Studio and Scarlett 2i2 Studio packs provide an all-in-one solution for high-quality recording. Including either a Solo or 2i2 interface, CM25 MkIII studio condenser mic and closed-back SH-450 headphones, these bundles have everything needed to start recording studio-quality vocals and instruments right out of the box.

Focusrite claims it has completely re-engineered the audio circuitry and introduced professional-grade converters for “incredible” performance. Scarlett 4th Gen uses converters from Focusrite’s flagship RedNet range to deliver 120dB dynamic range. 2i2 and 4i4 now feature remote-controlled preamps with 69dB of gain to get the best sound out of every mic. A custom-designed headphone amp drives high-impedance headphones louder and clearer than any previous Scarlett. In addition, all models now have independent controls for headphones and monitors.
With Auto Gain, users will “never have to worry about setting levels again.” Just play or sing for ten seconds, and Auto Gain will set the level for recording. Clip Safe monitors levels up to 96,000 times per second and automatically adjusts the gain to prevent clipping, allowing users to not have to worry about their levels. The re-engineered Air mode takes a sound’s unique character and brings it to the front of the mix, for standout vocal or instrument tracks. Air mode includes the original all-analogue Presence mode, plus a new DSP-based Harmonic Drive mode for “console-like richness.”

Focusrite says the new design “combines elegance, functionality and accessibility.” Details include “premium” Neutrik connectors, “spacious” knob placement and “endless” gain knobs on 2i2 and 4i4. Complemented by Scarlett’s red, the front panel showcases a “sleek” black finish and soft touch knobs.

Focusrite also says the Dynamic Gain Halos make it easy to set and monitor levels. This update to the iconic Scarlett Gain Halos enables users to set the perfect level and get great results every time.

Loopback routes computer audio to DAWs via Scarlett’s virtual inputs. It can also mix Scarlett inputs and computer audio for sampling from other software, streaming and recording flexibility.

Focusrite’s Easy Start tool guides users through setup, so they’re ready to record with the included Ableton Live Lite and three months of Pro Tools Artist recording software. To help users get the best results for recording, mixing and mastering, the Hitmaker Expansion software bundle provides a complete suite of studio plugins from some of the industry’s “biggest names,” including Softube, Native Instruments, Antares and many more. Also included are five free masters from Landr that can be used at any time, plus a two-month subscription to Landr Studio, offering and unlimited music distribution on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and TikTok.