Flypaper Studio Announces New Digital Signage Tool to Make Static Content Dynamic

Flypaper-Connect-Sept-10-2012-1112Flypaper Studio’s new Flypaper Connect for PHP accesses database information via Web services written in PHP to update Flypaper content, making it easy for users to keep content updated without republishing a project.

Flypaper Connect for PHP enables users to update digital signage content quickly by accessing a database and sending the information instantly to a digital signage display. Flypaper offers assistance for organizations that would like help creating the necessary web services or Flypaper content to use with this component.

Flypaper Connect for PHP is the fifth component to join the bundled Flypaper Connect family. Other Flypaper Connect components include: Flypaper Connect for Google Docs, Google Calendar, CSV, .Net and Advanced Data Grid. Each Flypaper Connect component empowers users to easily update digital signage content using a variety of tools, without republishing Flypaper projects.

To purchase Flypaper Connect, visit the Flypaper Marketplace, accessible through Flypaper 3.7 and