Flypaper Studio Adds QR Technology for Increased Consumer Engagement

flypaper-0413Flypaper Pro has added Quick Response (QR) technology that allows consumers to use their mobile device to scan a unique code and directly access targeted information provided by the display owner. It’s part of their new software version 3.9 with several new features and enhancements. The QR Generator helps content creators give end users access to additional information by making it easy to include a QR Code in their displays. They simply type in a URL and the software produces the QR Code and inserts it into the content.

The QR Wayfinder will get end users where they’re going. They type in beginning and end points to get a QR Code they can scan with their mobile device to download customized directions to their destination.

Other Flypaper 3.9 updates include:

  • Flybrary List View: Quickly scroll through a text listing of Flybrary items.
  • Digital Sign Templates: Templates specifically designed for digital signage applications are now available for Flypaper Pro users.
  • Component Enhancements: Improvements to several Flypaper Pro Components including: Image Cube, Image Gallery, Clock, Weather and CSV. Version 3.9 also adds a Charting Component to quickly add dynamic charting to any project.
  • Safe Image Search: Filters out inappropriate images with a default setting that produces only Flickr-approved results.

You can download a 30-day free trial at: