The Floating Point: Episode 5: Pigs, Parks, and Open Architecture

thefloatingpoint-largeIt’s the 5th episode of the Floating Point and Chris Tatton (@Chris_Tatton) is playing hooky. Host Hope Roth (@BeerAndPie) holds down the fort from an undisclosed location. We still managed to keep producer Corey Moss (@Cbmoss) on mute the entire time, shattering our own world record for consecutive Corey Mute Minutes, Katy Ledecky-style 

Jake Corlett (@corlett_jake) from Biamp joins Hope to talk about how we can make our control systems and DSPs play nicely (hint: use instance tags and don’t even think about messing with the gain structure). 

Things take a turn for the hilarious when they start talking about the horrors that they’ve found in certain AV racks. 

What does all of this have to do with pigs and parks? You’ll just have to take a listen to find out.