The Floating Point: Episode 4: InfoComm Special Podcast 2016


Dan Jackson, Manager, Research and Development at Crestron, and David Thorson, Senior Manager, Programming Architecture at AVI-SPL, join hosts Hope Roth (@beerandpie) and Chris Tatton (@chris_tatton) for a very special edition of the Floating Point.

Dan lets us in on the R&D process at Crestron. Apparently it takes more than a couple days to bring a new product to market. Who knew? We talk about the new Crestron DSP, just announced today. It was almost ready for Infocomm last year, but Crestron didn’t want to rush it to market before it was 100% ready.

We also talk about DM (Dan’s baby), which is almost ready for a learner’s permit, and can now be deployed in the enterprise without using Crestron Toolbox for everything.

We skip the silly question in favor of a trivia question from David. Did you get it correct? Tweet @thefloatingp and let us know. You’re on the honor system!