The Floating Point: Episode 3: Getting Meta About Mentoring

thefloatingpoint-largeIt’s the third episode of the Floating Point, and we have some big news! Well, big podcast news. Chris Tatton (@chris_tatton) will be our new co-host. The Andy to Hope Roth’s (@beerandpie) Conan, if you will. Chris was on our first episode and we wished we could have him on every show. And then we said, why not? Welcome to the team, Chris. This could make our pronouns even more confusing. 

We’re joined this month by Victoria Barela (@barelAVictoria_) and Jeremiah Brown (#GetATwitter), to talk about training and mentoring. Jeremiah taught Hope the ropes back in the day, and now she’s attempting to pass them on to Victoria. We get a little meta, talking about the lessons that we’ve learned from each other. And then it gets a little bit schmoopie, until Chris brings us back from the brink (smart pickup, that one).

We talk a little bit about Crestron Masters, about training in general, and about how we can encourage the next generation of kickass #AVWomen. Victoria is already helping to inspire the next generation of Women in AV. She’s so advanced! 

Here is the link to Hope’s Crestron Masters rAVe blog Diamonds in the Rough which was mentioned in the podcast.

We bait producer Corey Moss (@cbmoss) with some fighting words about salespeople, but he manages to rise to the occasion. Three whole episodes with Corey on mute. Now it’s a world record.

We end the show with some bantering about the dullest tasks our mentors ever made us do. #SpoilerAlert: Hope totally bored Victoria to tears last week. Allegedly, this is how you learn, but we think Hope just doesn’t like spreadsheets. 

Join us next month as we record at Infocomm!