Flipbox Intelligent Interactive Display

flipbox-0114Polymedia is exhibiting its latest software solutions: Flipbox intelligent interactive display and Polywall data visualization management software.

The Flipbox is an an all-in-one solution for a meeting room in that they hope replaces interactive display, computer, sound system, videoconferencing endpoint and a flipchart.

  • Native Ultra HD 3840×2160
  • LED edge-lit LCD display
  • Surface Light Wave interactive technology provides support for 4 touch, low-latency interaction
  • Features Corning Gorilla Glass; a durable and scratch resistant cover solution with superior optical clarity
  • Easy-to-replace integrated computer based on Intel i7 Haswell CPU and fully supporting Intel OPS specification
  • Full HD PTZ camera for perfect videoconferencing experience
  • Software now features the compatibility mode that can be used run native Windows applications on Flipbox
  • AirPlay Mirroring native support is available

Here are all the details.