Flex Rental Solutions Updates Flex Rental Manager to 4.12.0

flex-rental-software-1115Flex Rental Solutions has just released an update to Flex Rental Manager — version 4.12.0. New features include:

  • The behavior of virtual items on a Pull Sheet has changed. Now, when all child contents of a virtual item are scanned on the prep screen, the virtual item will receive a check mark to show it is complete.
  • Enhancements made to the handling of virtual items when using Scan From Another List during the prep process.
  • The “Highlighted Notes Tab” (a feature recently released) now shows a red highlighted tab instead of yellow.
  • Updates and improvements to the PO – Not Received report.
  • Bulk workflow was updated to be less restrictive with workflow options.
  • Updated the receiving screen to allow for spaces in the serial number and stencil fields.
  • Updated simple email jobs from email address to come from USER.
  • Updated Job Costing to show specific resource types from expense sheets.
  • Updated the look of the consolidated manifest report.
  • Updates to the header block.
  • Updated the Client field in edit header to be larger to allow for full names to display.

The full release notes can be viewed here.