Flex Rental Solutions Announces Flex5 Tablet Debut

Flex Rental Solutions has announced the Flex5 tablet, the new HTML5 redesign of its software for tablets.

Flex5 is the company’s new HTML5 user interface and features a complete rewrite of Flex’s user interface and backend architecture. Flex5 will eventually replace Flex’s current Flash UI by adding phone accessibility along with a new desktop environment. Flex5 Tablet comes with features everyone in the business can use. Account managers can answer inventory availability from anywhere. Users can search, call, text or get directions to a contact right from Flex5 Tablet. However, Flex5 Tablet has finally freed the warehouse staff from being tethered to large laptops and desktop stations. Users can search and view all inventory and contacts, as well as prep pull sheets, return manifests, create and edit inventory, log maintenance, and more.

Flex Rental Solutions will continue working on Flex5 Tablet and Flex Phone which will mirror the functionality and features of Flex5 Tablet and will work on both Apple and Android devices. The primary focus now will be Flex5 Desktop, with financial document development currently underway.

Flex5 Desktop will eventually replace the current desktop application. More info here.