Flashline’s Sweet Sound Impresses MFO Producciones

pitbull_gandia9/29/2013 — Spanish production company MFO Producciones has taken delivery of a TURBOSOUND Flashline PA system consisting of 24 TFS-900H four-way line array modules, 18 TFS-900B double 18-inch subwoofers, and six complete amplifier racks, and immediately put it to work on a series of arena events during the month of August.

Founded in 2008, MFO Producciones carries a permanent staff of eight experienced audio professionals as well as employing freelance technicians and sound engineers, and majors on corporate shows and television productions, live music events and tours.

Owner Oscar Fragio has worked with TURBOSOUND products for many years, from the TMS-3 modular full range PA cabinet to the present day, and reckons the company’s principal value is a combination of this extended experience, together with the skills of its varied and highly experienced staff. “We aim to offer a high level of technical resources, and this is what makes MFO a leader in its field,” says Oscar.

Having looked at most of the major sound systems on the market, Fragio was impressed by the unique features and system packaging of TURBOSOUND’s new five-way large scale line array. “It’s something completely different!” he comments. “Flashline has the sweetest sound, clear and powerful at all frequencies — and few systems can throw that far with such little distortion. When you factor in the subwoofers, which at this time have no rival in the market, it is the perfect mix for today’s type of music.”

Flashline is a complete turnkey sound reinforcement system designed to deliver ultra-high quality audio to large audiences. The TFS-900H is a four-way flown line array consisting of eleven discrete drive units uniquely deployed across four frequency bands, teamed up with Lab.gruppen’s industry-leading four-channel DSP-based amplifiers with Lake processing in custom-designed TURBOSOUND racks. The TFS-900B subs are a hybrid-loaded design that makes use of energy from the rear as well as the front of the 18-inch neodymium drivers’ cones for an impressive 141 dB peak output. The Flashline high packs travel pre-rigged in groups of four on custom dollies that allow a loudspeaker array to be flownquickly and easily.

As soon as MFO had taken delivery of the system, the Flashline PA’s first outing was at Gijon Sports Palace for popular international artist Pitbull. “I think the system adapted well to the 8,500 capacity venue’s difficult acoustics and reflections, showing the loudspeakers’ ability to bring vocals clearly into the foreground,” says Fragio.

The second show was outdoors for 11,000 people and capably demonstrated Flashline’s power and presence to the promoter, assistant crew, and Pitbull’s FOH engineer Wilberto Madera. “You will not believe the indescribable pressure that Flashline generated, even with plenty of headroom in reserve,” he comments. “It just goes on and on!”

Fragio continues: “The system rigs quickly and easily, and our first thought was that if it’s this good with recorded music, how would it sound with a live band? Well, there’s nothing to say, you only have to listen to it to realise that Flashline is spectacular… indescribable!

“What I particularly like in the PA is the mid band, the soft, sweet and natural voices — for all ranges of music from rock and roll to extreme heavy metal, electronic music and opera.”

On to early August, and the town of Viana (Logroño) played host to probably the most important singer-songwriter of the Spanish music industry, Joan Manuel Serrat, with a history of nearly 50 years on the stage, who performed with the Viana orchestra, interpreting his best known songs including Mediterráneo, and Penélope. This gala charity event was organized by the City Council and Juan Manuel especially for the town’s elderly folks, and was not only a public success with over 4,500 tickets sold, it also presented the opportunity to put Flashline fully to the test.

The outcome was nothing less than spectacular, with excellent sound quality and, most importantly, the presence of all the instruments in their respective positions, with Joan Manuel’s voice projecting clearly into the foreground without having to adjust anything. The outstanding purity and quality of the system’s components gave the technical staff the feeling they were witnessing possibly the bestconcert touring system in the world.

Sound engineer Juan Gonzalez gave his resounding approval: “This is a great system, the coverage is perfect wherever you go. It sounds really nice, congratulations!”