Five Ways to Use Digital Signage in an Amusement Park

parkWith more than 400 amusement parks in the United States that have more than 375 million guests visit annually, entertaining all can be a difficult feat. Amusement parks main objectives are to entertain guests and to some that may sound like a walk in the park as there are so many things to do inside an amusement park. However, getting the attention of 375 million guests is not as easy as it may sound.

Picture yourself at your favorite amusement park: It’s a 90 degree day with 98 percent humidity, you get up to your favorite roller coaster ride only to find out the wait time is 90 minutes. What will you do for all that time, slowly weaving through the line with nothing but your excitement for the ride? Well, the solution to that dilemma is digital signage.

Digital signage is the solution to many of the troubles faced at amusement parks. There are endless uses for the application and amusement parks are a perfect application!
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Perceived Wait Time

No one wants to wait in a 90-minute line, especially when that wait happens for every ride they patronize. The solution to making guest experience as pleasant as possible while waiting countless hours is digital signage.  The content options are totally up to the park itself.  Content can include anything from music videos to themed trivia, and can easily be altered to entertain the target audience depending on the ride. For example, a children’s ride would be best to play cartoons, which are a great way to entertain the kids and keep the parents happy. Giving guests something to look at gives them a better wait time experience overall.


Ad options are endless with digital signage. Think about the many vendors, shops, etc. inside an amusement park: food and drink stands; gift shops; airbrush tattoo artists; caricature artists; park photographers; the list could go on and on. With the ability to display multiple ads on one display, gives the ability to reach many different audiences. You want to be on the top of as many guests’ minds as you can so they will come to your food stand or your gift shop. Digital signage allows for the opportunity to send out as many messages as you please.

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Create a Digital Experience

All rides have a theme and what better way to immerse guests than by displaying digital content on multiple displays incorporated in the ride? Digital signage can be used to display the rides countdown, or it could be used to simulate an experience for example.

Easily and Quickly Update Content

Updating content has never been easier. Staff can update the content via a computer, eliminating the need to physically change signs and allowing for much more content possibilities. One moment the display could be of an advertisement, while the next it could be playing a movie click to entertain guests.

Outdoor Abilities

Incorporating outdoor displays in theme parks offers endless options for content, but it’s important to ensure your digital signage properly works for the outdoors. Outdoor elements create all sorts of problems for electronics, but if you incorporate the right digital signage solution outdoors you won’t run into problems. Proper outdoor displays are able to withstand wide temperature ranges that come with the seasons, and completely protect the display from rain, wind, dust, etc.

These are very limited suggestions for the reasons and benefits of digital signage in amusement parks. I suggest reaching out to your local CTS-certified installer for ideas.

Tell us: What’s your favorite example of digital signage at a theme park?