Five InfoComm Workshops at ISE

InfoComm International is set to deliver five conferences at ISE 2017, including a joint conference with fellow trade association CEDIA. Each conference will explore an important industry topic, inviting expert guest speakers to share their insights and opinions, ending with a panel discussion which will allow delegates to get involved.

The five conferences are as follows:

1. Creating a Smarter Campus (in cooperation with SCHOMS)
This conference allows delegates to join their higher education peers to explore how technology innovations are creating smarter campuses and happy users. Discussion will focus on BYOD, remote management, troubleshooting and learning spaces. Presenters include Sam Williams, MA (Oxon) DMS MCMI CBIFM, University of Lincoln, Scott Tiner, CTS, Bates College and other experienced technology management professionals.

2. How AV Can Enhance the User Experience (in cooperation with the AV User Group)
This conference will focus on outcomes, creating value and making customers’ lives easier. Delegates will discover and discuss how Google equipped their new London facility, how Barclays manages ROI, and how Arup has deployed collaboration tools.

  • Session 1: Deploying AV at Scale and Speed: Presented by Gary Keene, AV Manager at Google
  • Session 2: The Collision of IT and AV: Presented by Chris Ellen, Global Unified Communications Manager at Arup
  • Session 3: Investing in AV to Deliver ROI: Presented by Jon Thompson, Global Head of Collaboration and Executive IT at Barclays

3. Interfacing Between IT and AV
This half-day seminar will be curated by Stefani Renner and Dieter Michel. It points out typical pitfalls in joint AV IT projects, highlights the unique IT needs of AV systems and gives examples how to split or share the responsibilities between the two disciplines that often are located also in two different departments.

  • Session 1: Potential Pitfalls at the Interface between AV and IT technology in Network-based AV-Projects: Presented by Völker Lower and Rolf Mayer from IFBcon
  • Session 2: Concepts for Integrated Conference Systems at the UNIDO in Vienna: Presented by Andreas Wippel at UNIDO
  • Session 3: Panel discussion: Developing a joint future of AV and IT: Moderated by Dieter Michel

4. The Future of Integration
Despite the convergence of audiovisual and information technologies, AV and electronic systems integrators will forever be expert in the analogue experience of sight, sound, and environment. Still, integrators should adapt to a rapidly changing business and technology landscape, from what their customers expect, to how they embrace the dynamics of enterprise technology and how they deliver next-generation solutions. At this session attendees will learn what tomorrow customers want today, and hear from integrators that have been positioning their companies to succeed in the years to come.

  • Session 1: Voices of the Customer: How AV Integration Should Adapt to the Modern Enterprise: Presented by Brad Grimes, Director of Communications at InfoComm
  • Session 2: Converged Integration: Best Practices in the IT-ification of AV: Presented by Julian Phillips, Executive Vice President at Whitlock
  • Session 3: Why You Might Consider a Cloud Services Business: Presented by Daniel Rogers, Vice President at AVI-SPL

5. Cybersecurity: How to Help Customers Understand, Mitigate and Respond to Cyber Threats (a joint conference with CEDIA) — The 150-minute session is divided into five 30-minute segments and is moderated by Mitch Klein, CEO of Z-Wave Alliance.

The first section will examine how easy it is to penetrate a network and the vulnerabilities that hackers look for. This will demonstrate the business opportunities available in this area. The second, to be presented by Chuck Espinoza, will look at risk assessment of any given network situation and how to educate the client on this topic. In the third session, Paul Zielie will examine the best ways to mitigate risk by reducing exposure and following best practices so that issues don’t arise in the first place. The fourth session will look at how to respond and recover to the worst incidents you can envision. Finally, a general panel will take a larger view of the issue and give their own experiences from both residential and commercial projects.

ISE attendees will be able to access all of InfoComm’s education sessions with the All Access Pass, available to buy on ISE’s website or on the InfoComm and CEDIA ISE 2017 seminar registration page.