The Five Dumbest AV Products on the Market Right Now

dumb-1014This was hard — there are so many.

But, here are the top five dumbest AV products currently for sale right now — do not buy these:

Curved TVs: This has to be the worst ideas for a TV ever. Why in the world would you want a curved TV? Why would you want to aim the TV at ONE, SPECIAL person who has the perfect “sweet spot” viewing position and toss aside all the other watchers in the room. Even dumber? A TV that can be flat OR curved. You really think you’re going to switch that back and forth once you’ve installed it? I’m pretty sure you’ll install it, set it to either curved or flat, and then leave it – a lot of money wasted. It’s cheaper to buy one of each, duh.

3D TVs: OK, maybe there is something dumber than curved TV’s – 3D TVs. Unless your TV is 100″ or larger, 3D is useless. If you can’t fill your field-of-vision with the 3D image, it’s not worth doing. 3D is a fad. A dead one – unless you go to a giant movie theater. Don’t try to argue the merits of 3D with me unless you’re a scientist, a doctor or a microbiologist.

Cryogenically Treated Cable: Yes, here is one. Really? But lets not just pick on that company — how about liquid-cooled cables with gold-plated connectors for speaker wires? Come on.

Products That Are Doing Us a Favor: We edit this crap out of all our news stories, so you won’t find these on our website, but there are plenty of companies out there that “grant us access” to custom-designed products that were, previously, only available to their CEO or founder. Yes, we get these all the time. For example, a speaker company will release at CEDIA Expo a speaker for $23,000 that was originally custom-made for their company execs and, thanks to their generosity, they’ve allowed their own company to build and sell said speaker to all of us — they laypeople.

A $1 Million TV: Yes, there’s a company that’s selling a 200” diagonal $1 Million outdoor TV for that special someone who already has every luxury that’s sold. But, it has two HDMI inputs and one Wireless HDMI input! You can Google it yourself as we won’t disclose the name of said company, but you can either buy this or you can go buy 398 Epson Home Cinema projectors that’ll project up to 200” and change them out every time it rains.