Five Cool Gadgets We Want From CES 2016

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas wrapped earlier this month and the Peerless-AV team had the pleasure of attending, exhibiting, and of course – the chance to look at all of the cool new tech! As we patrolled the floors, we kept an eye out for gadgets and devices that caught our attention. While there were thousands of exhibitors and quite a lot to see, there were a few products that we wish we could have taken home from the show.

CES Logo1. Wearable Translator

It’s a simple concept, but an incredible idea – a wearable translator. This would be great for international business, traveling, or even connecting with locals who may not speak English. The company, ili, calls it the “world’s first wearable translator for travelers,” and it currently translates English, Chinese and Japanese. It’s a small device, about the size of a thumb drive. To use it, hold down the button and speak into the device, then let go of the button and apparently ili will translate in real-time.

We didn’t get to try out the device first-hand, but if it functions as it says it does, this could open up a lot of opportunities for businesses and individuals alike.

2. EHang Passenger Drone

Drones were a huge part of CES this year – from ones that could fit inside your pocket, to drones that could carry a person. The EHang 184 passenger drone was unveiled at CES and it did not disappoint. The flying machine is a self-flying, single-seater drone, built to carry a human passenger on a flight up to 23 minutes.

Crowds had gathered to see the machine and it felt like a glimpse into the future. It’s doubtful that this type of device could replace cars as our traditional form of transportation, but definitely a cool thought.

3. Code-a-Pillar

The Code-a-Pillar is a toy we wish we had when we were younger – so that we could be coding prodigies in this tech-savvy world. Fisher-Price debuted the Code-a-Pillar at Pepcom’s Digital Experience and it has definitely been one of the top toys discussed from CES this year. The toy claims to teach the basics of coding through problem solving and sequencing. Aimed at kids aged 3 to 8, each segment of the toy has a unique command icon on the top, which will direct the caterpillar to move in a certain pattern – the skills associated with writing code.

The toy plans to officially launch in the Fall of 2016 and we expect it will make a quite a splash for the 2016 holiday season.

4. CleverPet

CleverPet is a gaming console for dogs. It sounds a little ridiculous, but we understand the idea behind it – the device aims to keep your dog entertained and engaged when you’re not around. The hub offers a variety of sequencing patterns and games that can test your dog’s memory and logic, along with teaching voice commands. The device incentivizes its gaming with treats and food rewards.

The company is taking pre-orders for $299 and plans to ship the first devices in April. While it’s a cute idea, it seems to be a steep price for a dog toy. But pricing aside, this console is definitely something we wouldn’t mind giving our Peerless-AV pooches.

5. Somabar

Who wouldn’t want a professional bartender for his or her own home? The Somabar is a robotic home bartender that has over 300 drinks to chose from. Originally launched on Kickstarter, the robo-bar channels a Keurig-type feel with Soma Pods to make a variety of drinks.

Somabar is available for pre-order for $429, but the shipping date is still to be determined.

Overall, CES this year was definitely an awesome ride, and while there was a lot to chose from, these five devices caught our attention. So, while you’re skimming through recaps of the show, we’d love to hear – what gadgets do you wish you could take home?