But First… Let Me Take an #AVSelfie

The ‘AV selfie’ was the talk of town at InfoComm 2014. And, in general, people sure do love selfies. Why are we so fascinated with them? One reason is that we all love to see personalized accounts of other folk’s adventures! So how do you get ’em right? Check out our team’s tips below.

#AVSelfie Tips from the Peerless-AV Team

Incorporate celebrities — people love celeb sightings. #ThatTimeIMetaBaseballPro


Show off your genuine smile — folks love to see your true colors. #SmilesForDays


Don’t over do it — rare gems like this one are much more valued than a selfie every hour. #TimingIsEverything


Show off your surroundings — giving your followers insight into your activities always adds a little something extra. #JealousMuch


Make a collage — smiles, your surroundings, AND a little flair= a winning combination. #GettingItRight


Accessorize — and, a little self promotion doesn’t hurt. #DreamTeam


Show off the latest tech — and, of course, food. People love food. #DisplaysForDays #Foodie


Have you mastered the #AVSelfie? Share your tips below!