Finding The Levers With Your Dealers


I just finished off a longer editorial titled Finding The Levers.

Spoiler alert: it was about fishing for the cues that will lead to buying decisions from end users.

As is often the case, while working on my editorial, one thing led to another, and inspired me to write a more brief blog post on a similar subject.

It’s not just end users whose buying decisions are subject to specific levers being thrown.

It’s fairly often in my discussions with my clients, buyers, inventory managers, and dealer principals that I find an untapped need they have that not only they didn’t know they had it, but I didn’t know they had it either.

I’ll ask readers’ indulgence in advance. I try to make an effort to not patently promote the brands I sell in my writing for rAVe Publications.

And most of the time I think I succeed in coming across in my writing as brand-agnostic.

So forgive me for naming names in this instance.

My employer just added a new brand to our lineup. Leef makes outboard memory extenders for mobile devices. They’ve got models for both Android and iOS, available from 16Gb to 128Gb in size.


Don’t want to spend $700 for a larger-capacity phone? How about $169?

It’s one of those products that is both easy to use, reasonably priced, and has handy applications for both consumer and business end users.

And, not to blow my own horn, it’s got my dealers excited.

How excited, you ask?

Let’s just say that for the past month the Big Gun I’ve been rolling out has been our strategy and product lineup for the iPhone 7 launch.


All anybody wants to know is whether those earpieces are GPS enabled so you can find them after you lose them.

Despite what one would think would be the obvious importance of that, so far the Leef iBridge has completely upstaged my iPhone 7 presentation.

Every. Single. Time.


In their defense, it is awfully cool.

THAT’S what they want to talk about. And that’s what they’re most excited about ordering for their customers.

When that happens, I just roll with it. Whatever makes them happy!