Finding a New Route to Market

After the pandemic, many of us will set out to explore new routes to market. Selim Morlevi wants to drive there. In a van.

As the founder of Create-4, a pioneer in experiential marketing in Turkey, he develops tech experiences for retail hospitality point of sale and consumer goods manufacturers. He’s worked with holographs, AI, big data, M2M, innovative screens, interactive applications, and electronic devices. Create-4 works to imagine a customer experience, then designs the hardware, writes the software and packages the solution for clients eager to make memorable customer experiences.

He’s won international attention for projects in 15 countries, projects such as SmartStand for Unilever, ShelfScreens for P&G, Selficinno — coffee printer, IoT Button for Domino’s Pizza ordering, and SocialCooler for Pepsi.

Like the rest of us, the pandemic has limited Create-4’s international opportunities. Unlike most of the rest of us, Morlevi spent some time figuring out how to reach his next destination.

He built an Innovation Van. A vehicle customized by Create-4 that he can take on the road to clients and introduce their innovations in experiential marketing. The idea is, as COVID recedes, to drive to European locations (Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, and even U.K.), find a local partner to co-host (a workspace community or innovation hub) and invite his clients (and the co-host’s) to view innovations and discuss ideas. Think of it as a Town Hall on wheels. A tech town meeting.

With all his projects as a launching pad for discussion, the van will have on show a range of innovative-shaped screens (different shapes, sizes and thickness), transparent LEDs, some product demonstrating robots, a stand for displays that folds and stores like it was an IKEA project, CreaSign (their own digital signage software), FaceTrack (their own digital signage analytics software) and ShelfTrack (Sales & stock analytics hardware for shelves).

What’s “a product demonstrating robot?” While it can have many forms, you wouldn’t go wrong by looking at Boom Mate. One of Morlevi’s clients, a known brand of ice cream, asked Create-4 to develop a special tool for PC gamers: a way to eat ice cream without taking your hands off the keyboard.

create 4 experiential marketing

Need an ice cream, but both hands need to be on the keyboard? Boom, here you go, mate! A small robot serves you. Let’s call it Boom Mate.

Part of a successful ad campaign, the ice cream maker made a lottery to give away samples of BoomMate. Create-4 discovered that same robot technology can be adapted for retail product demos.

In another success, Create-4’s FaceTrack software generated enough interest that Chinese OEM manufacturers of video surveillance cameras are asking about bundle opportunities.

The world of experiential marketing is limited by a global trend for specialization. Yet customer experiences are not single-track destinations where you can put a client on a sidecar and roll forward successfully. Instead, often they are 360-degree experiences where you need to draw upon numerous technologies to envelop the customer. That’s Morlevi’s strength — and it is also why caravanning that will bring the Create-4 founder into direct contact with other innovators will be the stimuli for Morlevi to create even more innovations.

Customizing a Mercedes ambulance for his innovation caravan has already stimulated Morlevi’s business imagination. His caravan was so successful, so admired locally that he’s opened a side business. Customizing vans.

Roll on, Morlevi.

Go Morlevi’s ISE 2020 presentation to improve the digital customer experience: