Final Eulogy For My Remote Control


The world, as they say, has moved on

Not that I seriously believe that anyone has been following the saga of my rebuilding of my Media Room post-flood, and my search for a new control system for my AV gear.

BUT IF YOU WERE, you might be interested to know that after much research and discussion with knowledgeable AV Pros, I elected to try a brand named Simple Control.


Control. And it’s simple.

I will write in greater depth about my experiences and impressions with Simple Control soon (spoiler alert: they’re positive).

But, as the saying goes, every solution has two problems.

I guess it’s not a problem, as such; it’s more of a sentimental conundrum.

Sitting in a box in my office is a sad, lonely RTI T2c remote and RP-6 controller.

There was a time, and it seems like not that long ago that it was near the Apex of control technology.

Now? The world has moved on.

In that little cardboard box is the epitome of sunk costs.


“What? It still runs fine!”

There is of course the original cost of the hardware, and the hourly rate to have it programmed, and subsequently reprogrammed again down the road.

Then there was maintenance. I’ve replaced the rechargeable battery in the remote, and the RM-433 antenna module when it croaked a few years ago.

And now it’s a casualty of its own obsolescence: replaced by technology that’s newer, slicker, cooler, and more functional.

You did well, little controller but now it’s off to Electronics Valhalla for you.

A cardboard tomb, and interred at the EcoStation