FIBBR Offers 4-in-1 Slim Design Fiber Optic HMDI Cables for 8K TVs

January 4, 2019—FIBBR, the world’s leading manufacturer of fiber optic HDMI cables, will show its new 4-in-1 active fiber optic HDMI cable, in its kiosk at the HDMI Forum booth in South Hall (#20208).  The new model features a slim 7mm diameter design delivering reliable high-bandwidth transmission up to 50m.

“As a tier 1 manufacturer, we have the internal resources to quickly adapt to the changing specifications,” said Joe Zhang, Product Manager for FIBBR. “There will always be early adopters and the display manufacturers will keep innovating to satisfy that need. We have created the 4-in-1 cable as a reliable solution for the high bandwidth required for these new 8K TVs with multiple inputs, while keeping the customer’s sensitivity of clean design in mind. Our new model with a single-cable slim design with a 7mm diameter, allows it to easily fit in a wide variety of installations.

FIBBR also proudly announces the availability of its Ultra8K model for products that can accept a single input/output. The 8K-HDR fiber optic HDMI cable, supporting the new Ultra High Speed with bandwidth capability up to 48Gbps, also made from the high-quality glass fibers, available exclusively from YOFC, the world’s largest fiber producer after a year in development.

FIBBR’s Ultra8K and the 4-in-1 cables include BendRobust™ technology—an industry first. This proprietary feature included on all FIBBR models, allows the fiber to be bent 180-degrees, to guarantee flexibility and durability in extreme conditions with uninterrupted transmission of signals.

By its nature, fiber is strong but lightweight—60% lighter than traditional cabling offering a critical advantage over other solutions as FIBBR’s cable design is incredibly easy to work with—causing less wear and tear on hardware sources and with less weight and physical size to deal with, the logistics of storage, transportation, are more easily managed.

The Ultra8K and 4-in-1 cables are single-directional, so to ensure trouble-free installation, the connectors are labeled Source and Display ends with a SmartLED indicator on the Source connector to quickly and easily confirm proper connection and operation status.

Additionally, Ultra8K, like all FIBBR cables, offers extremely low signal attenuation, and high resistance to external electromagnetic interference—all necessary features for future, higher-definition developments.

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