FIBARO Adds Dimmer 2 Smart Lighting Device to Connected Home Ecosystem

fibaro-dimmer2-0116FIBARO has introduced the Dimmer 2, a light module able to control, switch and dim lights. Dimmer 2 gives consumers the ability to add enhanced smart features with a behind the scenes module to any light switch without sacrificing aesthetic or design.

A Z-Wave Plus certified device, Dimmer 2’s specially designed algorithm allows it to automatically recognize the type of connected light source used and calibrate it to ensure your smart home lights are optimally controlled. The lighting controller is also designed to act as a scene manager, allowing for intuitive activation of scenes within a room with the touch of light switch. This dual capacity allows Dimmer 2 to turn any dimmer switch into a scene trigger without the need for an additional device or smartphone in the room.

With custom configurations through the FIBARO smart hubs and any Z-Wave hub, Dimmer 2 can be set up to creatively manage lighting preferences depending on the situation or time of day. Turn your kitchen lights on in the middle of the night and Dimmer 2 can be set to only give you a dim glow to light your path instead of fully illuminating the room.

Connecting a Dimmer 2 into your FIBARO Home Center hub also gives you insight into the power consumption of your lights for both two and three wire connections. Energy usage from lights in the home is aggregated into easy to read charts on your web dashboard or iPad app and can be utilized to conserve and save money on electric bills. With safety features on board, Dimmer 2 is protected from overheating, overload and voltage drops and gives users warning notifications on their mobile app if these events occur.

Dimmer 2 will be shipping by the end of January and will cost $69.99 — here are the details.