Features and Benefits of Digital Signage

“Sign, sign everywhere a sign.” In 1970, the “5 Man Electrical Band” recorded a song that knocked “signs” for their “do this, don’t do that” tone. The song made The Billboard Top 100 charts (rating every song in popularity of times played by radio stations and singles purchased at record stores). That awesome rock song made it to Number 3 on the National Charts! It was also re-recorded by Tesla in 1990. Maybe you heard that version instead? (still awesome). Alright Dave aka Casey Kasem…enough about music trivia.

Today, more than ever, signs are used for good…that’s if they are designed right. Digital signage, by its very nature, is more informative and sometimes includes a call to action. If it’s well done, digital signage will cause the viewer to make a decision to act, purchase or attend an activity or function or other call to action you choose. The BEST way to do this today is with digital signage.

Digital signage is now proven to increase engagement and action with content that educates, engages and shows off services and products. Basically, digital signage is becoming more popular, because it’s something people definitely look at. It’s engaging, has a call to action and is easily customizable and changeable. And now, it is so cost effective that many people are finally diving in to take advantage of some great features and benefits of digital signage.

“Digital signage is nothing new; you have been seeing it for years,” says Dave Wilkins of AVBend.com. “But what is new is the devices that drive the content and the flexibility of how digital signage is used and who the intended viewer is.” AVBend.com has developed some very cool digital signage options that are in use now here in Bend locally benefitting a variety of businesses with unique, cost effective uses. (Take a look at some of our latest videos!)

Let’s talk about how digital signage can work for you and your operation. You can use digital signage in so many ways and now there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider digital signage for your operation! Let’s say you are printing (using your computer and expensive printer) something to post on your employee bulletin board that you want everyone to see and remember and possibly has a call to action. How often is it that people just don’t see it or simply don’t remember it?

In the Digital Signage world, what if you post that same flier electronically onto a TV in the Break Room? Also add fun pictures from the latest company training? Add company/employee anniversaries? Add Birthdays? Show Current Time? Show Current Weather forecast? Company Facebook or Twitter feed? Show pictures spotlighting new products? Remind employees of the products you are proud to offer? Customer testimonials? Video from the sales team or CEO? Or better yet, if you have a YOUTUBE channel, use some of that content into your digital signage content and programming as well.  All of this can be done using the same screen, all view-able within the time it may take for an employee to punch the time clock.

Sound like Digital Signage may be a hit for your business? We have seen it work in the employee educational environment. Employees think this sign is awesome and the executive team is being praised as being innovative and creative. Maybe they even got an increase in pay!

Who uses Digital Signage? It’s probably easier to answer, who doesn’t? There are many uses right now. For example:

  • Restaurant menus that change menu items and specials to the time of day and with a fraction of expensive menus to print,
  • Breweries with new brews, updated daily with food specials too!
  • Museums with featured artists’ work or upcoming events,
  • Hospitals showing the rooms and possible health care updates and scheduled events.
  • Retail, business, schools K thru college, churches.

Email me today. Let’s talk about your digital signage options and make a mock up for you. You’d be amazed at how inexpensive many options are that can in fact be used with your existing technology! Up next: Specific samples of Digital Signage content!

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