Faradite Debuts New Sensor Wall Mount Accessory For Faradite M360-IP-B-VOLF

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Faradite has announced the launch of a gorgeous new sensor wall mount.

Faradite is known for creating some of the most beautiful products in the custom smart home market. Notably, their range of motion sensors have been providing flawlessly accurate automation in projects across the world. With the release of the new Sensor Wall Mount Accessory, these stunningly small sensors can now be wall mounted to provide beautifully discreet sensing in more locations around the building.

The new Sensor Wall Mount Accessory is a solid aluminum unit tailor made to house the Faradite Motion Sensor 360 – IP67 – Volt Free. The beautiful matte anthracite unit is elegantly rounded to maintain a gorgeous aesthetic, and at just 82mm doesn’t drastically increase the size of the solution.

The material used makes the Sensor Wall Mount Accessory completely weatherproof which makes it a great option for outdoor applications as well as indoor.

The unit is formed of two parts – the solid aluminum mounting plate provides a rock solid wall fixing and grommeted cable entry. The front part is then pushed back onto the mounting plate and fixed with the discreet screws to create a strong finished unit. The front part has plenty of spacing inside for cable management and termination into the installed sensor.

The Faradite M360-IP-B-VOLF can then be pushed up into the mount and secured with the matching, black metal spring clip. This secures the sensor firmly in place whilst allowing the installer to remove the sensor should there be a need to check terminations or adjust the unit.