Failure Can Still Equal Success

I am about to admit something that many people do not like to admit – I failed at something. Yes, I know, everyone fails at something at some point. We just never want to talk about it because it makes us feel like we have no value. But I prefer to look at failure as a stepping stone towards success. Failing at something gives you the chance to learn from the experience and apply it towards future actions and opportunities.

So have you figured out what I failed at? I took the CTS-D exam this week and did not pass.


My first reaction was to be depressed and devastated. I had studied (minimally) and passed the practice exam with a high score. I wanted to walk out of the testing facility strutting like a peacock, instead I was looking to see what sad music I had on my iPhone to play while I drove the drive of shame.

My second reaction was anger. I was angry with myself. Before I took the test I figured that if I did not pass I would probably fail really close to the passing number. Nope. So I was angry at myself for feeling pompous and not really studying for the exam.

My third and final reaction was acceptance. It took me about two hours to get to this point, but I finally did. I told myself that if the test would have really been as easy as I perceived it, everyone would take it.

I am proud that I took the test. I am not happy with my score, but I now have an experience to learn from. I now know the types of questions that made me think “WTF?” and that I need to study them. I now know that the areas of topics that I do not necessarily perform on a daily basis need my attention. I know what to expect now and what to study for.

So no, you are not alone if you have not passed any of the CTS exams. I continue to join you in the quest to be further certified.