EZCast Pro Launches Next-Generation Multi-Screen Wireless Presentation Solution with EZCast Pro Box II

EZCast Pro continues to lead the way in creating the best multi-screen wireless display solutions for enterprise and education solutions.

The newest addition to the EZCast Pro family is EZCast Pro Box II, which combines with ProCast app to create an efficient way to broadcast wireless meetings and lectures.

Instead of using cumbersome, and sometimes expensive, HDMI and VGA cables to set up a multiple screen presentation setup, you can install an EZCast Pro Box II, to each monitor or projector, then use ProCast to stream wireless media to each screen in real-time.

This setup is best suited to large conference rooms, banquet halls and lecture rooms that need multiple monitors to accommodate all the attendees.
Not only does EZCast Pro Box II support 802.11ac 5 GHz WiFi, but it also adds LAN connectivity as an option to set up your network display.

The combination of 5 GHz WiFi and LAN allows IT professionals, more ways to set up multiple screens in the network and allows the presenter a more stable connection when making wireless presentations.

If you already use EZCast Pro II dongles in your setup, EZCast Pro Box II can work as a great extension to your existing network of displays.

ProCast app can broadcast your laptop content to both EZCast Pro II dongles and EZCast Pro Box II units in the same network.

EZCast Pro app support continues to make EZCast Pro Box II a cross-platform wireless display receiver, meaning you can make wireless presentations with ease from any of Windows, macOS, Android, iOS smart devices.

EZCast Pro app’s split-screen and Host Control features keep your meetings on point and in control, while EZNote lets the attendees take more efficient meeting minutes to follow up later.

“The combination of EZCast Pro Box II and ProCast app is the next phase in improving presentation effectiveness in large venues,” said Stan Chen, EZCast Pro’s Head of Advanced Display and Collaboration Product Unit. “By streaming wireless media to multiple screens in real-time, you can significantly reduce the complexity and cost of a traditional wire-based multi-screen setup.”