eyevis Debuts Another 4K LCD Monitor

You read that right. eyevis, the German-based DS company has shown rAVe Europe its new 31.5″ 4K resolution (3840×2160) LCD monitor — adding the EYE-LCD-3150-QHD-LD monitor to its 60″ and a 56″ 4K monitors the company started shipping earlier this summer.

The high resolution of 3840×2160 pixels is achieved through a revised and highly compact pixel design. In comparison to a standard HD panel, the image density of the new quad full HD display (type EYE-LCD-3150-QHD-LD) is twice as high at approximately 140 ppi. It also offers 10-bit color, a direct full-array LED back-lit system and a viewing angle of 176 degrees. This sort of display can be used in digital signage applications, but can also be used for telemedicine as well.

You can see the entire 4K LCD monitor product line here.