Eyefactive Develops Cloud Features for Touch Screen App Platform


Eyefactive’s app platform for large touch screen systems will receive an update beginning Oct. 1, 2020. Fundamental innovations constitute the introduction of online functions for the central cloud management of systems, apps and projects. The conversion of the former software licensing model to “Software as a Service” (SaaS) is also a direct result of these changes.

Online Cloud Management

The update of the app platform adds brand-new online functions to the AppStore and AppSuite CMS Software. Customers and partners can now manage their apps, projects and systems via the cloud. From now on it will be possible to manage any system centrally online, exchange content and automatically initiate updates like on conventional digital signage platforms.

New SaaS Licensing Model

In conjunction with the new cloud functions the app platform changes to a new “software as a service” (SaaS) licensing model as of Oct. 1. Customers and partners will be able to use various plans to react more flexibly than ever to their individual scopes of use and choose the model that meets their needs best. With the new licensing model customers will no longer have to decide on specific apps, but instead can pick freely from the entire catalogue of apps and widgets depending on their plan. Additionally, plan licenses allow freely switching between systems.

The testing of the platform including AppSuite as well as all apps and functions will remain free of charge like before. This way partners can continue creating mockups and demo projects for their clients without having to acquire a plan. Existing customers may still continue using the old pricing model until Dec. 31, 2020.

Cloud Storage for Projects and Distribution

Within the framework of the new SaaS license plans clients and partners will get access to individual cloud storage for the management, distribution and synchronization of different projects. Personal projects may be uploaded directly from AppSuite into the cloud storage to be synchronized on the respectively setup systems or system groups at different locations. For the cloud storage Eyefactive joined forces with Amazon AWS to ensure fast performance, high stability and a high level of security.

Object Recognition

The plans of the new SaaS license model also include AppSuite’s integrated object recognition. Hence projects can be implemented with this innovative technology in combination with different apps and widgets. The object recognition is still available separately as MORE engine.

New Apps, Widgets and Features

In order to optimally use the new cloud functions AppStore and AppSuite will receive a fundamental update with corresponding features and extensions of the user interface. Furthermore, the AppStore will present itself in a new, more modern design.

Additionally, new apps and widgets have already been developed over the past months. The app “ShoppingAssistant,” for instance, addresses the retail sector and supports several interfaces and technologies such as payment, scanner and receipt printer. Via adaptable interfaces to well-known e-commerce systems, customers can quickly and easily present their online product range interactively at the point of sale, even offline, with an optimized user interface.

More apps and widgets are currently being developed or planned and are continually adding to the app platform portfolio.

Eyefactive’s app platform is an online market place with standardized software for professional touch-screen systems at point of sale, information and collaboration. All apps are based on Eyefactive’s proprietary technology for unlimited multitouch and multiuser. With the touchscreen CMS software AppSuite all apps can be customized: customers and partners can integrate their own content and designs to develop individual interactive signage solutions.

The AppStore Platform is here: www.multitouch-appstore.com.